Yotpo is hiring.
But we only hire the best.
Great people know great people.
So we're reaching out to you.



Yotpo strategically grew our New York team from about 40 employees to 80 employees in 2016. We'll be doing the same thing in 2017 and doubling our New York head count.


Whether it's Account Executives, Sales Development Representatives, Client Success or Retention, we take exceptional care in hiring the hardest working and kindest people. With your help, your friends can join one of the most motivated and charismatic teams in NYC.

If your friend is hired, you'll even get a little something for your brilliant idea to make the introduction.


Step 1: Fill out your friend's contact information.

Step 2: Fill out your personal contact information.

Step 3: Send your friend positive interview vibes.


When your referral is hired, pick the gift card of your choosing!